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Introduction to Vienna

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Vienna is consistently ranked as the ‚best city in the world to live in‚ (Economist, Mercer).

It beats cities like Zürich, Sydney and Vancouver to the top spot mainly because of the high quality of life.

What makes Vienna so attractive

  • Safety – both residents and visitors feel themselves to be extremely safe and this is reinforced by vigilant emergency services and a clean, well-lit environment
  • The greenest city in the world – and constantly improving
  • Rich cultural life – great architecture and city layout, world class music, art, cuisine. Outstanding cultural events – which are often free!
  • Excellent public transportation – safe, clean, cheap and becoming ever more environmentally friendly
  • High quality, affordable housing – whether renting or buying
  • Quality healthcare system – ranking among the best in the world and supplemented by superb private options
  • High standard education and childcare – to meet all requirements
  • Excellent links – Vienna Airport is developing as a regional hub, train links are superb and Vienna’s road network enables speedy access to myriad destinations

What should you consider when looking for a home in Vienna

Where you’ll live depends largely on your personal preferences and budget.

If you’re a young professional you may gravitate towards the inner districts and their trendy neighbourhoods that cater to the multicultural tastes of its inhabitants.
Cafes, restaurants, galleries, small boutiques, specialist shops and a lively nightlife are the hallmarks of these districts.
You won’t need a car as the public transportation network is exceptionally good and safe.

If you’re a family with young children and/or pets, you may wish to live in the outer districts where there are even more green spaces and a wide choice of international kindergartens and schools, plus swimming pools, sports grounds and parks.

Vienna is a safe city, so wherever you choose is the right choice.

Our office has helped hundreds of diplomats and expats find the right home and we’ll do the same for you.

We look forward to welcoming you in our city!